Dairycell MK-4

Dairy Cell MK-4


Dairy Cell model MK-4

Delivery time:2 à 5 days

Dairy Cell Model MK-4


  • 1 Dairy Cell MK-4
  • 4 curly cords long (2 red + 2 black)
  • 4 clamps
  • 4 sponges
  • Canvas bag

Special Internet offer for users of a old Dairy Cell.

If you have an old Dairy Cell wherefore we don't have parts any more, we give you a reduction up to 15 % to buy a new machine.

Please send me a email with the serial number of your Dairy Cell device and we send you a renew reduction code to order your brand new Dairy Cell MK-4 on-line.

Please send also a photo off your device.