APS DairyCell  MK-4

Results already attained

Practical appliance and evaluation with the DairyCell device by Dr. Kobus Hendriks (Heilbron)

Dr. Kobus Hendriks of Heilbron was honoured this year, for the ninth consecutive year, as the Master Dairy Farmer of the Orange Free State, as well as NCD's Farmer of the Forthcoming Century.  Dr. Hendriks is also the pioneer veterinary surgeon of embrio transplants in South Africa.

Dr. Hendriks tested the DairyCell device and stated the he was very satisfied with the results.

Practical applications:

Acute cases of mastitis where the udder were heavily swollen as well as cases where the udder was swollen just after calving.

"The swelling subsided fast and great relief was the result after the treatment."

Injuries while calving where partial nerve lameness occurred as well as damage to the pelvis, primarily in the soft tissue.

"The cows recovered faster and I was very satisfied with the progress and in most cases it resulted in total recovery."

Cows with serious conditions of "Three-day-stiffness disease", who could not stand.

"During the summer a few very serious cases of stiffness disease occurred and some of them incurred nerve damage  to the spinal marrow.  Damage to tissue in muscles also occurred and joints were very painful.  Animals like these usually lay down for weeks, but after treatment with the DairyCell I was astonished on how many of them recovered.  Scientifically it should be logic that this will be the result."

Cows with chronic mastitis as well as those with an increased somatic cell count or those cows which conductivity in the milk was higher due to tissue damage were also treated.

"Many such cases were treated with the DairyCell device and I obtained good results.  It is, however, difficult to judge such cases scientifically due to insufficient controlling measures.  I do, however, believe that the body helped to recover the udder and infections will be solved faster and more effectively and that is the results I have obtained."

Cows with Limenitis or sensitive hoovecrowns.

"I am very happy and satisfied with the results obtained with the DairyCell device and will, with confidence, recommend this device to my fellow farmers."


Some of the farmers that have already used the DairyCell device, has the following to say:

"With oedema of the udder and infections due to mastitis I had immediate results after only one treatment with the DairyCell device, which had an effect on the stiffness of the udder."

Willie P.

"I will never be able to work without this electronic therapeutic device.  The only alternative would have been to slaughter more animals with costly results.  The dairy farmer who knows where he's going, will find this device as the the most important aid."

Johan V.

"A cow, after having a difficult birth and wombtorsion, couldn't stand up.  After a few (3) treatments with the DairyCell device, to my amazement the cow got up and walked away without a problem.  The DairyCell device are currently tested for different clinical problems."

Neil van Z.

"I dubiously bought an DairyCell, not knowing what to expect.  My family duly told me that they were sure I had squandered our meagre resources.  That night I put it to immediate use.  The next morning, to my pleasant surprise and joy, I came home, elated to tell my family that this machine was a phenomenal piece of equipment and I had within 12 hours immediate results from my cow "Joyful", who at the time, had as I thought, chronic and incurable mastitis.  Ever since, I have used it for many things, e.g. udder oedema, retained afterbirth, arthritis and any cow that was not feeling too well, just got an eight minute treatment.  I would also like to add that my use of antibiotics went down dramatically.  Thus saving my milk being discarded and naturally the cows fell pregnant more easily.  Thanks for a great invention!"

Eddy v. M.

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